JChemPaint – Editor Molekul dalam bentuk 2D

index Have you guys ever known this awesome JChemPaint yet?

well me neither, at least now i have known, somebody just told me tht it was cool software and u have to try this on ur computer because i tell you what, ill share it just for you guys…just stay tuned and klik this link below


JChemPaint adalah editor dan penampil untuk struktur kimia dalam 2D [1]. It is free dan open source software, yang ditulis di Java dan sehingga berjalan pada Windows, Mac OS X, Linux dan sistem Unix. Ada sebuah aplikasi standalone (editor), dan dua varietas applet (editor dan viewer) yang dapat diintegrasikan ke dalam halaman web.

JChemPaint saat ini sedang dikembangkan sebagai bagian dari The Development Kit Kimia, dan Widget Toolkit aplikasi berbasis JChemPaint Standard sedang dikembangkan, sebagai bagian dari Bioclipse.

Picture 4

Bioeclipse JChemPaint

JChemPaint adalah  open source java editor struktur kimia  ( seperti ChemDraw). Ini akan memakan waktu beberapa detik untuk men-download, jadi mengapa tidak mulai bahwa sementara Anda membaca? Aku tidak akan memberi Anda daftar banyak fitur yang JChemPaint sudah memiliki, sebagai wiki mereka sudah melakukan pekerjaan yang besar itu kecuali untuk mengatakan itu ditulis oleh Christoph Steinbeck dan Egon Willighagen Kimia Development Kit ketenaran. Untuk semua teman-teman saya kimiawan di luar sana, dan Anda tahu siapa Anda, tetap dalam pikiran jika Anda merasa perlu mudah untuk menggunakan front-end untuk sebuah proyek, atau neraka hanya beberapa grafis cepat. Hal ekspor ke Kimia umum. format, format gambar yang umum, dan SVG. Pada dasarnya, jika Anda sedang mencari plug-in editor untuk proyek kimia pet, Anda mungkin bisa melakukan lebih buruk.


And This is the Quick Guide untuk mepelajari this JChemPaint..

And Kalau mau download just Click Here

And this is a litle proof that JChemPaint is POPULARROO..lol


Where this project starts to fall down, however, is getting the damn thing to compile. The instructions on the JChemPaint wiki are really quite out of date, as the maintainers admit in a support ticket . But like the one-legged whore said, ‘After you’ve done it once … it just slides right in.’

First you need to install some basic software:

  • Subversion (SVN) [win ]
    • This allows us to grab some required files and doesn’t need much special setup.
  • Git [win ]
    • A different version control system than SVN.
    • Choose the ‘git-bash only’ option, you’ll know when.
  • Java Development Kit [win ]
    • 70mb download, but might already be installed on your computer
  • Ant [win ]
    • An autobuild system for Java programs
    • Make note of where it is installed on your computer
    • When I say ‘ant’ in the instructions below, I really mean:

Now, we’re going to work like savages by using the command line. On second thought, that’s not complicated enough … let’s use two different command lines.

  • Start a windows command prompt ( WIN hereafter )
  • Start a Git-Bash command prompt ( BASH hereafter )

In the windows prompt ( called WIN hereafter ), navigate to a convenient directory, like C:\ , and follow these steps:

  • WIN: Create a new directory, JCPWorkspace
  • BASH: Go to JCPWorkspace
    • Run: git clone git://cdk.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/cdk/cdk
      • This will download a very large repository needed for compiling JChemPaint, the Chemistry Development Kit . It’s 200+ mb, so this should take a little while.
      • While it’s running, you should get a message like:
        Initialized empty Git repository in c:/jcpworkspace/cdk/.git/
        remote: Counting objects: 138502, done.
        remote: Compressing objects: 100% (22821/22821), done.
        Receiving objects: 10% (14055/138502), 30.97 MiB | 109 KiB/s
    • Once done, enter the cdk directory created by the process
    • Run: git checkout ebiPatches
      • Note this is the first deviation from the JChemPaint instructions
      • We are grabbing ebiPatches, as the current trunk of JChemPaint is incompatible with the cdk-1.2.1 branch.
  • WIN: Go to JCPWorkspace\cdk
    • Run: ant
      • This will build the cdk distribution library so that JChemPaint can use it.
      • After about a minute, probably less, you should see a message like:
        Total time: XX seconds

If you were not successful in building CDK in the above steps, you’re pretty much screwed until you can. If these instructions are out of date ( more than 6 mo old ) it’s time for you to go back to Google and continue searching. However, if you’re still with us, then further delights await.

  • BASH: Go to JCPWorkspace
    • Once done, enter jchempaint
    • Copy or rename ant.properties.template to ant.properties
    • Edit ant.properties
      • We need to tell JChemPaint where to find the CDK directory, so replace the cdk.dir value with
      • cdk.dir=/JCPWorkspace/cdk
      • Note the unix style path, even though we’re on windows. If you have the JCPWorkspace on your Windows Vista desktop, the path would be /Users/myName/Desktop/JCPWorkspace/cdk
  • WIN: Go to JCPWorkspace\jchempaint
    • Run: ant
      • As before, you should see:
    • Congratulations, you should now be able to run:

Now that we have the stable tag running, let’s move onto something exciting, JChemPaint 3.1 , the version you ran at the beginning of this little excercise.

  • WIN: Go to JCPWorkspace\jchempaint
    • Run: ant clean
      • This will remove all complied remnants of the JChemPaint 3.0.1
      • This changes us to the development branch of JChemPaint
      • It also sets us to the last known (to me) stable development build, revision 15286
    • Run: ant
      • You should see, ‘BUILD SUCCESSFUL’.
    • Congratulations, you should now be able to run:

In the next post, I’ll show how to add a feature to JChemPaint.


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